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1.1 Flexible (Asphalt) Paving

Since its start in 1996, EICW was awarded more than 50 contracts to implement flexible paving works that include…

Since 2010, EICW implements paving works for military airports and commercial airports, including flexible and fiber-reinforced rigid pavements for airside (runways, aprons, and taxiways), landside (service roads and parking areas)..

EICW is specialized in construction of railroad embankments that includes:

  1. Earthworks (cut and fill) to form railway path;
  2. Sub-grade layer;
  3. Sub-ballast layer;

The technology used by EICW to manufacture pre-stressed concrete sleepers is the “Automated Carousel System” established by WEGH Group (Italy). 

EICW was assigned building and restoration and finishing works since 1999. EICW is currently specialized in construction of residential and administrative buildings that includes the following tasks:

EICW started implementing infrastructure projects in 2003. EICW implements various types of infrastructure facilities and pipelines that include:

  1. Water treatment plants;

In 2015, EICW was first assigned to construct vehicle bridges including the following work elements:

  1. Pile foundation;
  2. Reinforced concrete structure;
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