Flexible (Asphalt) Pavement Works for Jenefa Road Development (Road Length: 12 Kms.)

Scope of work

  1. Earthworks (Excavation and Fill) and level adjustment using earth moving equipment.
  2. Supply and execution of Base Course.
  3. Supply and execution of: Prime Coat Layer (MC), Binder Asphalt Course,         Tack Coat (RC), and Surface Asphaltic Course.
  4. Supply and installation of pre-cast reinforced concrete pipes (dia. 1000mm) to construct culverts.
  5. Supply and pouring of reinforced concrete for protection around culvert pipes.
Execution Period
23/09/2018 – 22/01/2019.
Project Location
Project Owner
The National Company for Roads.
Project Management
The Engineering Authority of the Egyptian Armed Forces.
Net Contract Value
EGP 60,437,862.
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