Production of Pre-stressed Concrete Sleepers

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Production of Pre-stressed Concrete Sleepers using Carousel-system Production line

In March 2022, EICW signed the contract with the Egyptian National Authority for Tunnels (NAT) to manufacture 1,000,000 (one million) RFI-260 sleepers, in compliance with European Norms EN13230, for the High-Speed Train Project (Phase 1: from Sokhna region, passing by 6th October City, to Marsa-Matrouh City).

The technology used by EICW to manufacture pre-stressed concrete sleepers is the “Automated Carousel System” established by WEGH Group (Italy). This technology is considered as a top-notch method to manufacture railway sleepers, as it guarantees delivering a high-quality concrete product (designed and manufactured to serve on a train railway with a high speed of 250 – 300 km/hr.) while controlling the cost, and reducing loss in materials and power to the minimum level.

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