EICW Vision

We constantly aim to raise the standards of execution quality and cost efficiency of our civil works to higher professional levels, to satisfy and exceed our Clients' expectations.

EICW Mission
  • Providing our Clients/ Investors with durable services and solutions that build up their trust in EICW.
  • Gaining our Clients’ confidence by assuring that the quality and efficiency of our solutions/ services exceed their expectations.
  • Continuously developing the skills of our staff members of engineers and surveyors, focusing on the new generation, and offering internships to undergraduates and graduate trainees, to build up their experience in various engineering/ contracting domains.
  • Constantly maintaining our fixed assets, and acquiring sophisticated batching plants and heavy equipment to achieve highest work rates and high quality, within contracted time frames.
EICW Values
  • Our team is the foundation of our success; investing in our team members is EICW philosophy to fulfill its commitments.
  • Maintain integrity and competence in each and every task we execute.
  • A major key to success is having the right project manager and team, with the right technical/ construction capabilities.
  • Solid-structured Team and Functional Fluidity; EICW operates as a solid-structured work group to implement the projects, yet, functional fluidity for project processes is carefully maintained.
  • Constantly re-evaluate and sustainably develop our integrated management skills, quality assurance/ value engineering processes, and construction resources.
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