Upgrade of Area Leading to Presidential Zone (Outside of Customs Zone, form Faisal Mosque to VIP Building), in Cairo International Airport

Scope of work

  1. Embellishment, upgrade and revamp of entrance pathways (approx. length: 600m; width: 40-50m) leading to VIP Building/ Hall.
  2. Granite stone works for curbs and road isles on both sides of pathways, using “Lotus Flower” decoration unit, engraved by CNC technique on granite plates.
  3. Curtain wall works.
  4. Landscape works for three isles in front Presidential gate, including concrete works, stone cladding for hardscape, irrigation network, various plantations specified for softscape, besides installation of lighting units, decoration works, and design/ installation of the emblem for Cairo Airport Organization.
Execution Period
Project Location
Pathway leading to VIP Building/ Hall, Cairo International Airport
Project Owner
Cairo Airport Organization
Project Management
The Engineering Authority of the Egyptian Armed Forces
Net Contract Value
EGP 35,000,000
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